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The FurHouse' Rooms


Dog Hotel and Boarding Services

Licensed and accredited by the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI)

Weekday Boarding

  • Medium Crate – PhP200 first 3 hrs, succeeding PhP50/hr

  • Large Crate – PhP350 first 3 hrs, succeeding PhP80/hr

Weekend Boarding

  • Medium Crate – PhP300 first 3 hrs, succeeding PhP70/hr

  • Large Crate – PhP420 first 3 hrs, succeeding PhP100/hr

Overnight Boarding (Check-in: 12NN; Check-out: 12NN)

  • Medium Crate - PhP850 (Promo rate of PhP680)

  • Large Crate - PhP950 (Promo rate of PhP760)

*Activities include: Morning and evening exercise and play

*Pet food to be supplied by the furparents

*A staff will be with the pet overnight 

*Up to 100% discount on grooming services

Post-Grooming Extension

  • First 15 minutes - FREE (Grace Period)

  • More than the 15 minutes – PhP50/hour

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